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My 12 weeks weight loss program gives you sustainable

By Maria "DIVA" Ahlberg 
World class personal trainer
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Kickstart Online - 12 week program 
For training and permanent weightloss. Sign up today!

Do you want to reduce your weight, at the same time build muscles and live healthier? I recommend you our program with bodyweight training and intermittent fasting 16-8 (8 hours eating window) in combination, we create a permanent weightloss. Kickstarta Online is a 12-week program with a complete diet program with all recipes for all meals. In combination with the diet, you train with the effective bodyweight bands at home or in the gym.

You get three different monthly programs in app format for iPhone and Android, as well as formats you can print. In addition, you get an increasing program in Power Walking for three months. Every week you also get "Challenge of the Week". After the 12-week program, you will receive 3 communications a week (diet, exercise and motivation) for another 3 months, so in total the program lasts 6 months.

I have been a part of the creation of the program and work very close with the company Bodyweight that own Kickstart and can proudly say it is one of the best programs on the market.

Content of the program Kickstart Online:


  • 12-week Bodyweight training program, 3 different programs

  • 12-week diet program with recipes for all meals

  • 12 week program for intermitted fasting 16-8

  • 12 week program for Power Walking

  • 12 weeks with one "Challenge" per week

  • 6-month newsletter for training

  • 6-month newsletter for diet and fasting

  • 6-month newsletter for motivation

  • Free training app for iPhone & Android – 100+ exercises

  • Results update every week in the member portal

  • Kickstart's free support is via e-mail 24 hour response

  • Member portal for you as a participant in Kickstart Online

  • Facebook group Kickstart Online for those who run the program

  • Facebook group Kickstart Connect for those who have joined the program

  • Discounts on all Bodyweight products in the shop (30%).

We already have several thousand who have gone through Kickstarta's program with extremely good results. We dare say that our program is one of the most effective on the market for permanent weight loss. Read more about the method at


€179 for 12 weeks + 14 weeks
(€6,90 per week)


Quality products to take your home training to another level!


Home training vs gym?

The story about Maria Ahlberg

Maria is a highly sought after personal trainer worldwide. With 7 years in Asia and an online coach who is passionate about spreading his message to people who want to make a life change. She has also competed at national and international level worldwide, for 25 years in bikini & body fitness.

"To perform in all areas of life, we need to take care of ourselves"

After training as a personal trainer & dietician, competing in several fitness & bodybuilding competitions, she chose to take the step to the next level. Since 1997, he has helped thousands of clients change their daily routines and mentality. Also runs its own competition team for those who want to try to compete.

Today, Maria helps people to achieve a richer life through diet, exercise and a strong mindset.
- Long-term, simple and sustainable. We learn far too little about how the body works, we have to change that.

Maria works daily "live" with her clients, and also online. Frequently hired lecturer at both gym and company. Also holds back for many years training trips mainly to Asia. But new destinations are coming in like Italy, Spain, Dubai & USA.

Maria has made this training diary to make it easier for you all to be inspired & motivate you to reach your set goals.

Fitness is a lifestyle where it is important that you find your own balance where you thrive.

You only have one body, and it must be cared for like a temple. As Maria usually says. Go hard or go home! Good luck with the training.

Maria Diva Ahlberg

Lic. Personal trainer / PTonline / dietician / lecturer / training trips / Fitness model

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